We are helping those working in local communities to recover in 2x ways.  Firstly, we offer a safe, affordable, physicalWorkaryspace for all who would now prefer to work closer to home. Secondly, the option to join a local (Borough specific) or CIC (National) Digital Hub, to harness the power of the Network connect + collaborate digitally with a tribe of like minded people #TogetherWeAreStronger

The Wimbletech CIC Team x 

Our 4x aims:

1. Support Public libraries – relevant, sustainable, open for all
2. Empower local entrepreneurs + startups – inspired + connected
3. Build stronger communities – cohesion, resilience + opportunity
4. Support local authorities – economic / social innovation + value

Our Impact

1x vision, 3x brands, 350*+ jobs created, over 1000 members supported, 700+ community events000’s additional library visitors, £500k+  new, sustainable income for Councils & Libraries, £1.5m* local spending, £000’s re-invested back in to library buildings, 000’s of hours saved in commuting, £ms raised by members as they startup, stay up + grow up in their local community #togetherwearestronger! (*estimate.)

Who we help

Our Network #TogetherWeAreStronger

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