Creating strong, local communities:

Firstly, through the fast + cost-effective, transformation of under-utilised space into safe, affordable, localWorkaryspace (for all who would now prefer to work closer to home).

Secondly, through our HumanNetworkz programme, allowing those who live locally to harness the power of their local network, connect, collaborate + give back to their local community


Who we help

Our 4x aims:

1. Support Public libraries – relevant, sustainable, open for all
2. Empower local entrepreneurs + startups – inspired + connected
3. Build stronger communities – cohesion, resilience + opportunity
4. Support local authorities – economic / social innovation + value

Our Impact

1x vision, 3x brands, 350*+ jobs created, over 1000 members supported, 700+ community events000’s additional library visitors, £500k+  new, sustainable income for Councils & Libraries, £1.5m* local spending, £000’s re-invested back in to library buildings, 000’s of hours saved in commuting, £ms raised by members as they startup, stay up + grow up in their local community #togetherwearestronger! (*estimate.)

Our Network #TogetherWeAreStronger

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